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Aussie Wildlife ID and Rescue

Role: User research, facilitate testing, creating hypothetical design solution, user flows and wire frames to prototypes, design of high fidelity prototype for final presentation.

Hypothetical Product design for Google Certification.

About: Designing a customer support app for local wildlife rescue

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About the Project

Creating an app to Identify and rescue wildlife in Australia.

The problem:

Creating a practical app to help visitors, tourists, and residents of Australia report and rescue wildlife.

The goal:

The app must be useful, easy to use for non-residents, and provide information in such a way to assist a user through an otherwise stressful situation.

User Research



Recorded interviews with participants

 30 - 45 min in length with 5 potential users conducted to understand pain points of people who report animals in need of rescue.

User Criteria

  • Interested in wildlife and nature lovers

  • People who would like to, or have visited Australia

  • Current residents of Australia

  • Color-blind and disabled users included in study

Pain Points



All users want to identify animals they come across and get animal specific information.

Report a Rescue

Users want to easily report an animal in need of rescue to their closest wildlife shelter.


Users want to receive and alert their neighbors to dangerous animals in the area.


Users want more information on wildlife and understand how to handle dangerous animals.

User Flows, Wireframes and Prototype 1


Style & High Fidelity Mockups


Usability Study


Moderated interviews

Recorded study with guided prompts with 5 participants.

Users wanted to be able to access their history more easily. Recommended adding button to home-screen that would allow users to see their past tickets, submissions and sightings.

Before Utility Study

After Utility Study

Color-blind users found the original illustrations on ‘Flow 2: report a rescue_select what type of animal’ hard to recognize. Recommended using photos and higher contrast text.

Before Usability Study

After Usability Study

Disabled users noted they would still prefer to speak to a volunteer of the recommended wildlife shelter to give them more information. Recommended adding an option to call the shelter directly during the Rescue Flow.

Users would like to complete user-flow 2 and not transport an animal as they may not have access to transport. Completed flow for this option is advised.

Going Forward



Overall response to application, functions and changes after Round 2 of usability testing was overwhelmingly positive with 5 out of 5 users noting that they would recommend this app and its functions.

Next Steps


Feasibility study into the interactive photo ID will be required to ensure alignment with engineering team.

Continued content and copy structure for the directory and FAQ pages.

Research found users were likely to donate to a wildlife center after being involved in a rescue.  Consideration to explore a donation option within the app would be beneficial.

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